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Pretzel Labs

We create some of the world's most engaging voice experiences, and we can do the same for you.

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From settling kids fights, turning a snow day into a wacky dance party, and talking to your favorite music singers - our voice experiences are designed to spark joy into ordinary moments of family life. 


#1 Alexa Kid Skill!

Our journey started with Kids Court, an Alexa based judge that settles kids fights (we've seen some parents fight it out, too). It won the grand prize in Amazon's Kids Skill Challenge, has been widely featured in the media, and is one of the 25 most popular Alexa skills of 2018

Our Partners

Amazon Freetime Unlimited

Special editions of Freeze Dancers & Kids Court are now available on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for hours of extra exclusive fun.


Google Assistant


We work with Google to bring our voice experiences to millions of users. 

Hey Google, Speak to Kids Court


Amazon Alexa

We're an Amazon Alexa recommended agency, working with top brands on creative voice marketing campaigns.

Talk to us!

Our Skills

Freeze Dancers

Dance when the music plays, freeze when the music stops! Premium version available for Amazon Freetime users.


Baby Lullaby

A sweet lullaby that can put the most stubborn babies to sleep. Sweet dreams!


Garbage Hero

Plastic sucks! Help the people of Stinkytown recycle trash and become the ultimate garbage hero.


Kids Court

No more fighting! Take your rivals to Kids Court and watch them get what they deserve. Extras for Amazon Freetime users.


Out the Door

Enjoy your coffee while your kids' morning routine turns into an exciting adventure story.


Musical Statues

The classic party dancing game moderated by Alexa. Indoor fun for everyone. Happy dancing!


Kidz Bop Daily

KIDZ BOP Daily is entertainment news by kids for kids! Fun surprises and daily updates by your favorite band. 


Bedtime Hero

Follow this interactive adventure for a fun and stress-free evening routine. Don't forget to brush!

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Big Talk

Using voice assistants to revolutionize learning English as a foreign language. 

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