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Great to meet you
Our vision

Pretzel Labs is an award winning voice interactions studio and agency, founded by Alexa champion and top 44 leader in voice Adva Levin in 2017.

In a screen-dominated world, we believe voice interactions help kids grow more active, curious and imaginative. Playing games on voice assistants provides an inclusive experience for everyone, and brings real magic into family time.

Our portfolio includes original content and working with leading brands to adapt their IP into interactive voice experiences or creative marketing campaigns.

We're thrilled to be a leading force in the voice-first space and keep pushing the boundaries forward. 

Come work with us

We're a remote, flexible team of designers, writers, and developers.


We're looking for more playful souls to join us and create the experiences of the future, today. If you're a creative self-starter who understands how to create meaningful conversations, we'd love to start one with you!

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