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Upcoming events

For press inquiries, to schedule a talk, or to chat about voice please get in touch.

For press inquiries, to schedule a talk, or to chat about voice please get in touch.



Newark, July 2019

The world's largest voice-tech conference. Adva will be giving a pre-conference workshop about creating engaging concecpts, and participating in a panel about voice and kids.



Munich, October 2019

ALL ABOUT VOICE is Germany's largest voice conference, bringing in speakers and attendees from all over the world. Adva will speak about the creative elements of voice design.

Voicebot Podcast Ep 49 - Adva Levin Founder of Pretzel Labs Talks Voice-First Games

Check out this episode of Bret Kinsella's podcast. We talked about voice games, the unique interactions between kids and AI, and Adva's unique journey from studying math to creating a voice-first business.


Meet The Voice Designer Helping Amazon's Alexa Be Part Of Your Family

Great piece by Forbes, talking about our work and what these devices with personalities are doing to our relationship with technology, and the blurry lines between humans and ai. 


'Alexa, play my kid a podcast.' Parents look for screen-time alternatives

Interviewed by CNN about the advantages of voice interactions as a screen-free, imaginative and proactive medium for children.

Writing about voice design

When creating an Alexa skill, it’s important to think about you skill’s personality. This helps you create authentic dialogs and more engaging experiences for customers. Originally published on the Amazon Alexa blog.

Going from Voice-Only to Voice-First with Multimodal Alexa Skills

Read the story of our journey of turning Kids Court from a voice only Alexa skill into a full multimodal experience, supported by different screen devices. Originally published on the Amazon Alexa blog.

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